Storage Unit Junk Removal

Our Junkmen clean out a lot of storage units. We strive to make it a fast and simple process for you. So if you are trying to get your storage unit cleaned out before getting charged for another month, call Junkman today. Our professional and experienced teams can quickly remove your unwanted items.

It’s easy! Simply schedule your storage unit cleanout appointment online or call 918-398-8500. A friendly Junkman crew will give you a pre-arrival phone call prior to your scheduled appointment. When we arrive, we’ll give you a free final estimate. After you give us the go ahead, we’ll quickly haul your stuff to one of our trucks.

What happens to your stuff? Junkman believes in diverting as much material as possible from the landfills. That being said, we recycle and donate much of what we pick up. For example, tv’s and computers go to a local electronics recycler. Metal, paper and cardboard get recycled. As for furniture and general household items which are in good condition, Junkman makes donations to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Finally, no appliances end up in a landfill. All appliances are recycled.