Construction Remodel Debris

Tear out a kitchen or a bathroom? Take down an old fence or deck? Whatever kind of mess that you made, Junkman can help you clean it up! Our experienced Junkman crews will load your construction debris or renovation debris into one of our trucks, thoroughly clean up the area and haul it away. It doesn’t matter where the pile of rubbish is located. We will load it from anywhere… backyard, garage, driveway, basement…You just point to it and we will take care of it. The heavy stuff is included as well. We regularly haul away bricks, concrete, dirt, sod and rocks.  So it doesn’t matter what it is or where it is, our Junkman crews can help you with the junk removal part of your renovation project!

So why use Junkman instead of renting a dumpster?

  1. We do the loading from all the tough spots!
  2. Most dumpster companies do not accept appliances.
  3. Sometimes there is not space to place a big dumpster.
  4. You only pay for the space that your debris takes up in our trucks.
  5. We get in and out of there in a flash while dumpsters sit around for a while.
  6. At lower volumes, Junkman prices are very competitive with dumpster rentals and we provide the labor!