Refrigerator Recycling

Junkman will haul away your refrigerators from anywhere on your property. We haul it all. Don’t worry about the fridge or freezer in your basement. Our experienced crews can remove them for you. Alternatively, if your appliance is in your garage, just tape up the doors and push it out. Junkman will stop by when you are at work and haul it away for you. You save some money and it is gone when you get home. Easy.

After we haul appliances away, Junkman recycles the unwanted appliances. We haul away your refrigerator or freezer and then we have the refrigerant removed by certified technicians.

Refrigerant Recovery:
EPA certified technicians must recover the refrigerant located in your fridge or freezer. Did you know that it is illegal to simply release or ‘vent’ the refrigerant into the atmosphere? Fines can be up to $32,000 per occurrence! Be environmentally responsible and have your appliance’s refrigerant handled correctly. Get it recycled.

Metal Recycling:
After the refrigerant has been recovered from your refrigerator, then most appliances can be recycled for the scrap metal. We take loads of metal, including appliances, to various recycling centers around Tulsa.