Hot Tub Removal

Is it time to get rid of your old hot tub? Call Junkman, request our hot tub removal service and reclaim your backyard! We are┬áTulsa’s hot tub removal specialists. Whether your hot tub is sitting on a deck or a back patio, our experienced Junkmen will get your hot tub out of your backyard and into one of our trucks. Additionally, we can saw up your hot tub for easier removal if it is located in a very tight spot such as in an enclosed patio or inside a gazebo.

Hot tubs are big and bulky. This makes removal and disposal difficult. So call Junkman! We have the crews, the experience and the equipment to remove your hot tub. For 8 years, your locally owned and operated Junkman has been responsibly removing hot tubs for Tulsa residents. Our company is fully insured and our crews are efficient, courteous and professional.